About us


Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher is established in 2011 by Jan van Leent as a non-profit organisation that issues publications in the field of philosophy, religion and literature.

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The publisher has the mission:

“Deepening and widening the look on our life through publications on the interfaces between literature, philosophy and religion.
We strive to make the world a better place for everyone. Through our books we wish to contribute to peace and happiness”.

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The books released by Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher are characterised by quality of content, readability and accessibility for the interested layman. The publisher is for the publication of its titles depending on the goodness and generosity of authors who make their works available under the license Creative Commons

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Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher release its books in license under the Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial and share alike. These books may be viewed and downloaded free of charge.

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The staff of Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher consists of volunteers. Interns get the opportunity to get acquainted with the many aspects of the book business.

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