Carla Drift

Carla DriftCarla Drift is my pen name.

Carla has composed the biography of “Man Leben – One Life”. This biography is available on the website of Omnia-Amsterdam Publisher under “Books”.

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Man Leben

Man LebenMan Leben is my pen name.

Man Leben composed the biography of Narrator. This biography is published by Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher.

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Jan van Origo

Jan van OrigoJan van Origo is my pen name.

Jan van Origo wrote “Who are you – a survey of our existence / Part 1”. This publication is available on the website of Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher under "Books".

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Narrator Nārāyana

NarratorNarrator – Your Taleteller. I'm still on the road - once I hope to arrive home again.

Narrator wrote the biography of "Carla Drift - An Outlier".

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Talented authors

WritersTalented authors are invited to send an e-mail to

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