Arrow of time

“Gedankenexperimenten”: We – traveling on the photon – observe nothing. The reference clock has stopped and the time axis of the photon is endless.

Rotating black hole with disk

The star is dead! Long live the star! From the old star a new is born, that emits its pulslike message to the end of our universe.

Big bang expansion

Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not in fiction, but to comprehend things that are there.

When you are you, you see things as they are

”When you are you, you see things as they are and you become One with your surroundings”. Sitting like a frog.

Drijvende eenden

In One breath, form – empty and empty – form, united in All.


Though I always sleep | on my travels, each night | in another place | in the dream I always dream | I am still at home.

Wadden sea

Inter-being: a poet sees clearly a cloud floating in the paper whereon the poem is written.

The wind in the sails

"Now in my life as bhikṣu, I am back into the eternal womb of mother earth; and the wind takes me along”

Drascombe Drifter

Sailing in a small boat does a great appeal on the same world view of transience and imperfection in combination with rest, purity and consistency.

Core of a cyclone

śūnyatā reflects the core just like windlessness within the core of the tropical cyclone.