Man Leben - One Life

A survey into our existence

Man Leben - One Life

About the life of one man, and about everyone's life


Book description

The biography “Man Leben – One Life” is composed by Carla Drift based upon the bundled posts from September – December 2011 about the quest to “Who are you”. Man Leben, Narrator and Carla Drift are the three main characters in this part of the Odyssey
"Who are you - A survey into our existence".

– One long interview –
The reader is sitting in a chair
and listening to Man’s life story.

The Odyssey to “Who are you – survey into our existence” is an quest with many stages. The search for “Who are you” is about you and me and all that is in connection with us. Nothing is on beforehand excluded. Are you and I connected or are we separated? What makes you to the person who you are? Who are you before your birth and who will you be after your death? The answer to these questions is currently unknown, but nevertheless we raise these questions.

This biography describes the life of Man Leben until now.

Book details

Author Carla Drift
Man Leben – One Life, A biography
9789081839013 – E-book
9789081839020 – Paperback edition
Print 1.0
E-book in PDF-format – 14 MB
Paperback edition in two files in PDF-format – 14 MB
Format A5 – format
Pages 162
Publisher Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher
Publication Published in 2012
National Library of the Netherlands
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