Who are you - Facts and logic

A survey into our existence

Who are you - facts and logic

Then rained down into
The high fiction of mind
of rising people


Book description

The Odyssey to “Who are you – survey into our existence” is an quest with many stages. The search for “Who are you” is about you and me and all that is in connection with us. Nothing is on beforehand excluded. Are you and I connected or are we separated? What makes you to the person who you are? Who are you before your birth and who will you be after your death? The answer to these questions is currently unknown, but nevertheless we raise these questions.

You, imagination, that prevented us
Many times to perceive the world,
Although around may sound a thousand cymbals
What moved you, outside our sense?
A flash of light, created in heaven,
By itself, or by the will of God.

The first part of this contemporary Odyssey includes our oneness and separation and also our connectedness in mutual trust.

The second part of this quest deals with five common realities; section 2.1 is an exploration of "facts and logic" during a holiday week in Florence, where the three main characters consider the transition from Medieval Scholastic to Renaissance. At the same time they explore the limits of "facts and logic", the boundaries of science, life and death, the hereafter, God, and the possibility of God in the form of a man, the mind of the warrior and the foreshadows of the Reformation.

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Author Jan van Origo
Who are you – A survey into our existence / Part 2.1
Five common realities – Facts and logic
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Pages 196
Publisher Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher
Publication Published in 2013
National Library of the Netherlands
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