Carla Drift

Carla Drift

Carla Drift is my pen name

During her youth, Carla lived in the middle of South Limburg – the Netherlands.

After her cum laude diploma Gymnasium β, Carla studied at the Delft University of Technology. Carla moved to Amsterdam after her Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Technical Physics. She graduated with honour a study Humanities at the University of Amsterdam. After her study she carried out field research in many places in the world. The last 20 years of her life, she was especially occupied with investigations into crimes against humanity commissioned by different authorities. The investigations resulted in a large number of influential publications.

Her hobbies are reading, music, travelling, cooking and walking. Carla reads many books on philosophy, religion, literature and human science.

Carla is one of the main characters on the Odyssey to “Who are you”. The progress of this Odyssey can be followed on the weblog of the author Jan van Origo:

De Dutch version of the weblog can be followed on:

Carla composed the biography of “Man Leben – One Life”. This biography is available on the website of Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher under “Books”.


| Carla Drift




| 50+


| All children of the world


|  No


| Reading, writing, religion, philosophy, human science, culture, cooking, walking, gardening


| Investigations into crimes against humanity


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