Omnia-Amsterdam Publisher is grateful to all people who made a contribution to its publications, its activities and its website.

In particular, Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher expresses its gratitude to:

  • All people who made a contribution to Drupal 7
  • aGov Drupal 8 Distribution issued and supported by PreviousNext
  • The authors who make their books available under the Creative Commons License.
  • The Staff and the Webmaster designing and maintaining is website

Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher and Images

Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher is grateful for the use of images on its website. Without the contributions from the creators of the images under Creative Commons License, the website would not have been possible in the present form.

The sources for the images are:

  • Covers of books published
  • Photos and images on Wikipedia sometimes filtered and framed in an artistic fashion
  • Image of an Espresso Book Machine

If owners of images on this website disagree with the use of these images, then the Webmaster kindly requests to make this known. The Webmaster will of course adapt the images in question to suit the wishes of the rightful owners.