Guidelines for manuscripts

Guidelines for manuscripts

Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher welcomes manuscript submissions for consideration.

Please send manuscripts as a single document file by:

Please follow the guidelines below. Submissions that do not meet the following criteria may not be considered.

  1. Please submit your manuscript with a summary (1-3 pages) and a cover letter – mentioning:
    1. title,
    2. word count,
    3. genre/category of your submission,
    4. description of the content (1-2 paragraphs) and
    5. how the manuscript fits with our mission statement.
  2. In principle Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher only accepts original work. If part of your submission has appeared elsewhere (magazine publications or collections, personal websites or blogs) please indicate this in the manuscript summary.
  3. Manuscripts should be formatted in a readable 12-point font, 1.5 line spacing and single space between sentences. Use English UK spelling. All pages should be consecutively numbered. Chapters should start on a new page with the title in bold and 1,5 line break from the chapter text.
  4. Handwritten manuscripts or hard copies sent via the post will not be considered.
  5. We strive to evaluate submissions as quickly as possible: the assessment period may take a minimum of two months. All submissions wil be acknowledged with an email confirmation of receipt. No further correspondence is possible for rejections: however, you may consider our professional services for authors.
  6. Currently Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher only publishes in Dutch and in English.
  7. Upon acceptance of a manuscript, an agreement will be drawn between the author and Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher.
  8. In principle, Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher only publishes in e-book format. We publish our e-books on our website and promote them in our newsletter and social media sites.
  9. We provide an ISBN for all our publications and deposit them at the National Library of the Netherlands. We also include our publications in relevant libraries and digital archives.
  10. Authors are expected to promote their e-book on personal and social networking sites.


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