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 Jan van Leent Jan van Leent  

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Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher is established in 2011 by Jan van Leent as a non-profit publisher in the field of philosophy, religion and literature with the objective: “Improving and disseminating discussions and views on the interface between philosophy, religion and literature.

In 1955, Jan van Leent was born in Heerlen – the Netherlands. During his youth he lived in the middle of South-Limburg – the Netherlands.

When Jan had finished his study of Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology, he had lived in Amsterdam where he met his wife Marieke. Now Marieke and Jan live for almost 30 years in a village near Rotterdam – the Netherlands. His work is related to the safety of consumer products.

His hobby’s are reading, writing, music, travelling and walking. Jan reads many books on philosophy, religion, literature.


| Jan van Leent


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| 64


| Hanna and Jaap


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| Reading, writing, religion, philosophy, language, culture, walking.

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