Narrator Nārāyana is my pen name

Around 1960 I was born in Africa. My mother took care of us, my brothers, my sisters and my father. My father is a wandering storyteller. When he came, my mother gave him care and shelter. We heard of his adventures and my mother was happy.
At school I learned to read and write. I never stoppen reading. I read Gilgamesh, Iliad, Odyssey, Mahabharata, Shakespeare at school. Every day I still go to the library to see what I do not know.
With the change from boy to young man, I noticed that I fell in love with other young men. My mother saw that too. She sent me away to a distant land where men may love men. After a long journey I arrived in Amsterdam. Life was a feast. Real gnomes walked around with long hair and tangled clothes. My exotic fragrance wafted through the city: I met the best and most beautiful lovers.
From a young man I became a man. The loves floated away with the bygone years.
I am as dark as Kṣṇa, but in this "world" nobody needs a charioteer. I travelled through Europe and on my way I told stories. One time it was cold and I was so hungry that I could not stand anymore. Carla Drift gave me food. We started travelling together. A year ago Man Leben, Carla and I started the search for "Who are you". I'm still on the road - once I hope to arrive home again.

Narrator composed the biography of “Carla Drift – An Outlier”. This biography is available on the website of Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher under “Books”.


| Narrator Nārāyana




| 50+


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| Reading, religion, philosophy, language, culture, wandering


| Taleteller


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