Submission of manuscript

Submitting manuscript

Authors are invited to send their manuscript to
Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher for assessment at:

Submission of manuscript

Before submitting the manuscript, please read the following guidelines:

  • Does your work fit within the mission of Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher: “To deepen and widen our perspective on life through publications on the interfaces between literature, philosophy and religion"?
  • Is your work presented in a way that makes reviewing by Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher feasible? Please carefully read and follow our Guidelines for manuscripts.
  • Does the manuscript follow the Style guide 2015 of Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher?

Upon evaluation the publisher will suggest one of the following:

  1. The manuscript is fit for publication. Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher will contact the author to begin the publication process;
  2. Your work requires light editing and proofreading. The commissioning editor will contact the author for details and conditions;
  3. Publication is only possible after more extensive editing and rewriting. The commissioning editor will contact the author for details and conditions.

After acceptance of the manuscript for publication, the author will be contacted for the conditions of publication.

In case the author and Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher agree to release the publication under Creative Commons License, the conditions for publication will follow the several specifications of this license.

When the author wishes to release the publication under commercial conditions, a custom made agreement will be drafted between the parties concerned and Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher.


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